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Hi all! Hope all's well with you guys.

Just putting the word out that I'm opened to Commissions or freelance works! Do drop me a note if any of you guys are interested or have work for me so we can further discuss the details!

Hope to hear from you guys!
No more.
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Way more active on Deviant Art than i was a few years back!

Realized I really need to buck my ass up on my skills. =S I spent the past 10 minutes browsing through my very old works and see that they are total Well that means I'm getting better isn't it? To be able to see my flaws now? I know I know... BUT I still see the same problems all over my works now! *bangs keyboard*

I would also like to say sorry to people here who have commented on my works but I've never replied I do not effing know why. My only excuse is that I rarely check up on my own Deviant Art pages.

But thank you, thank you people for your support seriously. =')
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ah.... i've been away for a bloody long time... Haven't done any digital works, only sketches...

That's all because im serving the fucking army in Singapore. Not saying that im not having fun in there. Good times and bad times both. Anyway 3 more weeks to POP (Passing Out Parade) and then i'll have another 1 yr 9 months to serve.

I'll try as much to update works in here.

Ok. I guess im alil late to talk about the movie, since a lot of people have already done that. But still, it kicked ass man. I've already watched it twice, and there WILL be a third.

Ok, so why do i like transformers. Because i love robots and mechas. And what was so captivating about this movie, was the buildup. It was awesome, especially for bumble bee. The film made me feel for the characters, and the pacing was very well done. But i guess to really enjoy the movie, you got to go in there with the logic side of your head turned off. Some things don't make sense, and sure there were some loopholes in the movie, but i would like to see YOU do a perfect movie. I never believed in scoring full points for anything (ok maybe exams, which i nv do), but this is as close as it gets. Oh and the sound rocks, literally. When blackout thrashed everything in the Qatar air base. WOOHOO. i would like to add that that scene gave me a very good impression of how decepticons will OWN humans without the Autobots. The designs turned out quite alright every since i saw the trailer, so im alright with that. I mean, im judging as someone who hasn't seen much of the old transformers series, so NO i wasn't one of those who sent death threats to Bay.  

Ok, the bad. When the final showdown began, it gets hard sometimes to see which is which. I also didn't really like that there was never a complete fight scene between one decepticon and one autobot, it gets jumpy sometimes. Watching starscream own the living crap out of the F-22s worked for me though. As some people have pointed out, the decepticons deserve more screen time, i agree, but i wasn't very nit picky about that.

Ok so, all in all, it's just my personal point of view, you may disagree, but NEVER change the fact that it OWNS to me.
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